Answer to my number one Question.

I am always asked, "As an Artist; what should I do first?"  Well, after making great Music complete the list below.



Website and social media.  Same brand name. 
Update biographies 
Update photos 
Collect all metadata 
Register with a PRO 
Register song catalog with PRO 
Register with SoundExchange 
Register Copyright of songs 
Split Sheet Agreement collection and filing 
Collect forms of Artist’s Contact Information (Telephone, addresses, E-mails, Socials) 
Collect Emergency Contacts 
Collect usernames and passwords for all aggregators, accounts 
Form LLC 
Create Bank Account 
Trademark band name/logo 
Create calendar for next twelve to eighteen months 
Create budget for next six months 
Create six-month, twelve-month, two-year plans 

Marketing and promotion

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