Fake Friends and Followers.

Approximately one month ago I was approached by a mother of an Artist asking for assistance.  The mother did not want management for her daughter as she had a previous relationship with a former manager that did not appear to go so well. 

The mother told me her daughter had a great following on social media.  So, I reviewed her social media.  It was what I expected for a young Artist with four or five YouTube Videos and a single until I checked one social media account.  She had one to two thousand followers except for one account that had 250,000 followers.  The Mother told me these were real followers.  That caught my eye.  I asked the mother for additional information.  She showed me where the followers were from.  Most of the followers were from outside of the United States.  

To make a long story short I told her that I believed these to be fake or purchased followers.  I do not think that the mother or daughter did this as the mother appeared to be surprised and I believe she would not have given me that information.  

If you are considering “buying” followers to boost your social media statistics, do not do it.  If you have purchased some, I would advise you to delete them immediately.  Anyone you are hoping to attract (Record Label, Management, Publishing Deal, etc.) will immediately see through this and think that you are trying to be unscrupulous, and or deceitful. 

Great music, talent, and hard work will bring you an honest group of followers and loyal fans.

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