I hear a lot of talk about Scams.  Beware of the Managers that are out to Scam Artists.  Beware of the Records Labels that are out to Scam Artists.  While Scams unfortunately happed to Artists, what about the Artists that try to Scam the Managers or Record Labels?

Case in point. . . I was contacted by an Artist (in his early 30s) that appeared to have some talent and expressed that he was a hard worker.  After some research I decided that I was interested in working with him as a Manager.  During the course of the discussion I asked if he had any type of budget to work with. He stated he had a childhood friend that was a co-founder of a very large and well known clothing manufacturer.  This friend wanted to invest $150,000.00 in this Artist's future.  Of course I thought this was fantastic as this would help "down the road" when we needed funding for projects (recording, video, merchandise, marketing and promotion, etc.).  Well, this turned out to be a complete lie.  There was no childhood friend that owned a clothing company or funding of any type.  This Artist did not need to lie to get his foot in the door.  He needed talent and hard work.

Perhaps everyone needs to be cautious of scams.


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