I will aspire, always and to the best of my ability to: 

Devote enough time to fulfill the agreed upon interests of the Artists as both parties understand them. 

Possess and obtain the knowledge and skills to carry out the required duties as agreed and understood with the Artists I represent. 

Communicate and negotiate with the Artist their responsibilities, obligations, duties and remuneration and have those preferably notated in a written agreement. 

Seek support where required and commit to expanding my knowledge base and skills to assist in representing the Artist’s career with diligence in all phases of the Artist’s career. 

Operate and conduct my Business and the Artist’s Business in a professional, transparent, accountable, and ethical manner. 

Ensure relevant financial and legal matters are communicated to the Artist and where relevant refer the artist to an independent, third party advisor specializing in such financial and/or legal matters. 

Uphold client confidentiality, ensuring appropriate use of information whilst exercising diligence and duty of care. 

Declare and fully disclose to an Artist any conflict of interest whether it is actual, perceived or potential, including any income or other consideration earned by the Manager directly or indirectly in conjunction with their Artists’ performance or services. 

Be aware of and operate within the parameters of any relevant State and Federal legislative requirements. 

Not engage in any acts of sexual harassment including unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behavior of a sexual nature, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.