We live in a new era of untold opportunity in the Music Business. 

The old Music Business required you to make demos and connections until you could find a label that was willing to sign you and invest at least $1,000,000.00.  Even then you had to get really lucky to end up in the 10% of signed Artists that actually made money. 

Today's Music Business is different.  The costs to make a record are much less expensive, there are no distribution issues because there is always room for one more CD on a server, and (most) social media is free.  As an Artist, you now hold all the power to write music that  you love, record it the way you want, to find your audience, and sell your music. 

If interested, send us links to your Music, Social Media, Electronic Press Kit, etc. 

If you have the work ethic and talent, together we can make the opportunities. 

Nashville Management is always seeking the new Artists. 

Nashville Records, LLC is a full service Artist Management Company and a Record Label.
If you have great music and a great work ethic, contact us.